Alive in Christ

Salvation is the crucial subject of this 275-page course by David Duncan, and the definition is broadened to include everything that was purchased at Calvary. Salvation is shown to include not only the forgiveness of the sins of the past and deliverance from the power of sin in the present, but also protection against the depredations that could be brought on by sin in the future. All of the spiritual needs of man are met by the redemption provided by Christ on the cross.

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The structure of salvation rests upon God’s provision. In this lesson you will consider God’s provision of grace that made possible the plan of salvation. You will see that salvation stems from the grace of God.

As you examine the biblical teaching on salvation in depth, you will appreciate the love, grace, and wisdom of God that brings salvation to all people.

In this lesson you will examine the difference between true repentance and concern over the consequences of sin. You will marvel at the nature of true repentance as you see how it begins the process of bringing together a loving and holy God and sinful people. And you will learn to appreciate more fully the sweet and gentle moving of the Holy Spirit that brings us to repentance.

The basic element in the experience of conversion is faith. When a person truly repents, that person must put his or her trust in the Lord Jesus. In this lesson we consider the believing and receiving aspects of conversion: As we turn from sin to God, we puts our whole trust in the Lord Jesus for pardon, and for the great change which is brought about in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

In this lesson we will consider the part that we have in our own conversion, which begins the experience of salvation. It is a dynamic experience that changes us into the image of Christ and causes us to respond with joy to His desires.

In this lesson we consider God’s will in salvation and His provision of spiritual life, a new standing, and a new position for each one who responds to the gospel. God’s will is revealed in His great love for us, as well as in the rich mercy He displayed toward us by making us alive with Christ—even when we were dead in transgressions (Ephesians 2:4-5).

In this lesson we consider this aspect of salvation, regeneration: the divine act that imparts spiritual life to the repentant sinner as he or she is joined in personal union with Christ.

This lesson focuses on the Nature and Meaning of Justification, the Source of Justification, and the Experience of Justification.

God has done a wonderful thing for us. For in addition to forgiving our sins and giving us life through the new birth, He has placed us in His family as sons and daughters with all the rights and privileges that accompany family membership. None of us can ever doubt that He could redeem us; the wonder will always be that He would.

We are all born with a sinful, wicked nature. When we accept Christ as our Savior we receive a new spiritual nature. And as our new nature becomes stronger, we become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. In this lesson we will see how the process takes place, and what we can do to allow this new nature to be the "hero" who helps us to win in the struggle against sin and become like Christ.

In this lesson we shall see that what God offers to those who accept His salvation. He will bring it to completion at their glorification. It is at our glorification that we will see an end to sin, sickness, disease, pain, death, poverty, wars, injustice, and so much more. In place of these things, the glory of God shall cover the earth and fill the hearts and minds of the redeemed.