The Kingdom, The Power, and The Glory

The New Testament, the new agreement that God made with humanity through His Son, Jesus Christ, is the subject of this course written by Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo and Marcia Munger. This survey of the New Testament brings a realization that God speaks authoritatively to the church and the world today, just as He did in the New Testament and throughout the course of history. The information contained in this course will help provide a fuller understanding of New Testament truths and the reliable manner in which they were transmitted to us. A study of this course will enable students to teach others about the Word of God in a greatly enhanced fashion.

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This lesson will give you an overview of the New Testament as well as help you see how God’s hand was behind the events of history.

In this lesson you will learn how the first four books of the New Testament are alike in the way they tell the story of Jesus and how they are different. You will also learn about the land where Jesus lived and the places where He ministered.

In this lesson you will examine the special relationship which exists among Matthew, Mark and Luke. Then, you look at the Gospels of Matthew and Mark individually.

In this lesson you will take a closer look at Luke, the third Synoptic Gospel, and John, the Gospel written by the disciple whom Jesus loved. As you study the insights they had into the person and ministry of Jesus, you will be inspired to worship and love Him more.

You will discover just what happened when the disciples gathered in Jerusalem In obedience to the instructions of Jesus.

In this lesson you will consider the letters associated with the church during the years after the Jerusalem Council when Paul made his second and third missionary journeys.

The Prison Epistles will be studied in this lesson. These are the letters Paul wrote during his imprisonment in Rome. They help us see what the church was like during this period of its history, and they also reveal more about the character of Paul

We will study five of the letters which were written during the years which followed Paul’s first Roman imprisonment.

In this lesson we will study the letters which were written in the years after Paul’s death. In many ways these were difficult years for the young church. But the Spirit of God gave wisdom and direction

You will discover how the New Testament was formed and become acquainted with the evidence we have that it has been accurately passed on to us. These facts will you see why you can rely on it with assurance as you seek to serve the Lord and live for Him.