Prayer and Worship

Worship includes praise and service to God. Author Morris Williams introduces us to a new life of prayer and worship. A closer look at the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples shows that Jesus believed we cannot separate prayer and worship from our living. Prayer is never finished; it is part of everything we do. In this course, prayer is presented as the preparation for worship, and worship is defined as constantly living in a way that pleases God and fulfills His purposes.

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In this lesson we are going to talk about the true God, and how to pray to Him. We are going to study the things that are important to God so that we can pray according to His will.

Prayer must begin with an understanding of who we are. If we understand that we are sons of God, it will give us confidence when we pray. It is a wonderful thing to know that our Father loves us, and provides for all our needs!

Why should we write about heaven when we are talking about prayer and worship? Well, for a very good reason! If we are to pray as we should, we must know who we are and where we belong. We must have the right relationship with the One to whom we are praying. We have to talk about things in which we are both interested.

Heaven is a real place, and those who are sons of God are going there. Why, then, shouldn’t we pray about it?

What are the most important things to pray about? It is a matter of priorities. We will talk about priorities.

First we must worship. Then we may ask. But remember, He rewards those who seek Him—not those who seek rewards! The priority in prayer is worship. We are to be concerned about Him and His kingdom above everything else!

Some people have big plans for their lives. The Christian seeks God’s glory and the coming of God’s kingdom.

Are you ready and willing to do God’s will? God uses things that happen to us to help us become like Jesus and to do His will. Praying will help us to know why God lets things happen to us.

Most people think that all God is good for is to give them the things they want. God has promised to supply all our needs. But, God wants us to seek Him because we love Him, and not because of what we want Him to give us.

Is it possible to pray with an unforgiving spirit and expect God to answer? Can we really worship God and at the same time hate our brother? Can we pray for people we really don’t like?

Prayer and worship do affect our attitude toward others. What is the purpose of prayer and worship if it cannot help us love our neighbors?

We need the power of God in our lives if we are to be overcomers! One thing we should say over and over in prayer is, “I can’t do it by myself. I can’t do it by myself. I need help!” If we are to be overcomers, we must allow the Holy Spirit to help us.

The devil works very hard to discourage believers. The devil would succeed if it were not for the “wall” the Lord puts about His people.

God knows we do not grow strong spiritually without tests and trials. Therefore, God removes the wall from time to time. He allows Satan to trouble us. This is for our good, but we can only know the good of it by prayer and worship.

Let us make trouble our servant! Let us get all the good out of it that we can!