Tents, Temples, and Palaces

The books of the Old Testament are surveyed in this course, written by Rick Howard. This look at the Old Testament begins with creation, continues through the judgment of the Flood, and then picks up the theme of God’s chosen people, the seed of Abraham. The author discusses the writings of the Old Testament as an account of God’s dealing with the people He chose to use to bless the world. Many of the names, terms, and events that are often difficult to understand are addressed, along with questions that are pertinent to understanding the Old Testament period.

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In this lesson you will discover how God revealed Himself to all of us through His mighty works, and through His prophetic messages.

Genesis 1- 11 is the focus of this lesson. You will learn about the characters and events that took place in these chapters as well as find answers to many questions about the origin of the world and of the people of God.

This lesson will help you see how God displayed His mighty power as He chose, preserved, and delivered His people. You will gain a new understanding of His purpose as you study these events.

You will follow the Israelites as they journey toward the promised land. Your understanding of what faith and worship involves will be greatly enriched through the material in this lesson.

This lesson will help you understand the various experiences God’s people had during the first years they possessed and lived in their land. As you begin to understand these experiences, you can learn many lessons for your own life.

In this lesson you will learn about this marvelous time of blessing and prosperity and about the first three kings who ruled Israel.

The Old Testament includes five books known as poetry or wisdom literature. As you study this lesson you will understand why these writings are beautiful in every language into which they are translated. Your spiritual and devotional life will be enriched as a result of this lesson.

This lesson will return to the reign of king Solomon and follow the events of its last days and the years afterward. You will become acquainted with the messages God gave through His prophets.

You will discover some of the lessons God’s people learned through their bitter experiences. Some of these lessons brought them lasting spiritual benefits. And you will find truth in them that can be applied to your own life.

God restored His people to their homeland as He had promised. Like the Israelites we, too, can be called upon to restore areas of our own lives and ministries for the Lord.