Understanding the Bible

The careful, methodical study of the Bible is the subject of this course. In the first part, author Dorothy Johns introduces the principles, terminology, and means of interpretation that are essential to all effective methods of Bible study. The next series of lessons emphasizes scrutiny of individual books through the synthetic or whole-book method of study. The biographical, topical, and devotional methods of study are critiqued in the last section. While much in the course is necessarily an academic discussion of how to study the Bible, major emphasis is placed on the student’s spiritual improvement and how a systematic study of the Scriptures is the best means for achieving this goal.

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Every Christian believer should have a time of daily Bible reading and prayer to feed their spirit! But this kind of reading shouldn’t take the place of discipline study of the Word of God. This course will teach you to study the Bible.

In this lesson you will deal more particularly with the process of learning and the basic technique of asking effective questions.

This lesson will focus on some of the important aspects of interpretation. Much of the body of Christian belief and doctrine has been established through interpretation.

This lesson will give you an interesting overview of figurative language as it is used in parables, prophecy, types and symbols, and poetry in the Bible.

This lesson will deal with aspects of the synthetic or whole book method of Bible study.

Terms, structure, literary form, and atmosphere will be explained in detail in this lesson.

This lesson will give you a pattern to follow in studying books of the Bible.

Characters of the Bible were real people and studying those people will be the subject of this lesson.

A topical Bible study is a study that deals with a specific subject in the Bible. Learning the procedure for a topical Bible study will help you gain a better understanding of the Bible.

In this lesson you will learn how to internalize scripture through devotional study. Scripture will become your spiritual food and give you spiritual life.