The Christian Church in Ministry

Perhaps you thought that God’s redemptive plan ended with Christ’s death on the Cross. However, Jesus passed on to His church the ministry of reaching the world with the message of salvation. Author Jesse Miranda teaches that the Great Commission given by Christ is the church’s authority to act for God. The church has not been left to carry on the work alone, however, for Christ sent His Holy Spirit to be our Helper. The Holy Spirit works in and through us to fulfill the redemptive plan of God.

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In this lesson you will discover how sin came into the world, and how it affects our world today. God’s solution for the sin problem was to give His Son as a sacrifice for our sins. And we have been given the privilege of taking this message of salvation to those who are still in bondage to sin.

God has a plan for the salvation of the world. The redemptive plan shows the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit going out in war against sin. It is exciting to see that God’s plan is going on according to His schedule in order to bring man into fellowship with Him.

The church should very much involved in the world. It puts into action all of the Father’s plan and Christ’s purpose in the world. The Holy Spirit has made of the church a temple to dwell in the world to complete the redemptive plan of God.

We have just seen how God has chosen the church to carry out His redemptive plan for the world. We will look at three important periods of the history of the church. You will find that the history of the church is a history of living conflicts and victories through different times and ages.

The Father is looking for true worshipers. The church is called to worship. This is its ministry to God. The church has three ministries—to God, to itself, and to the world. In this lesson we will discuss the church’s ministry to God—in worship, in submission, and in service.

In this lesson we will see how the church is equipped to minister to itself, so that it can be prepared to reach out to the world in a redemptive ministry.

This lesson will help you open your eyes to the greatest need of the world. God’s vision is the salvation of the world. May you see the world as God sees it, and respond with a heart of love and compassion, as He did.

The purpose of this lesson is to show how God’s plan and action are fulfilled through you as a person. He gives you a personal invitation to get personally involved in His redemptive purpose. You, as a redeemed person, are the key to God’s plan.

In this lesson we want to talk about the act of ministry—the act of communicating the gospel. This communication is done in three ways: by speaking, by sharing, and by serving. As you study the lesson, think about your part in carrying out this threefold ministry of the church of Jesus Christ.

In this lesson we will look at some of the results of ministry. The greatest result is that we will be united in heaven with those who brought us to Christ, and those we brought to Him!