Helping Christians Grow

Christian nurturing is very important to the church’s ministry and it is necessary for the growth and maturation of new believers. The author encourages and instructs those who would like to help develop spiritual maturity in others. He also makes them aware of their own need for more instruction. The emphasis is on the interdependence that exists in the Christian community. Recent converts need to be instructed and encouraged, while mature Christians need to teach and nurture others in order to grow themselves.

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In this lesson you will discover that new spiritual life must be nurtured for growth to occur. You will also learn what is needed to nurture spiritual growth.

In this lesson you will discover that the ultimate goal of spiritual growth is to develop Christlikeness. You will also learn what the Bible teaches about some of the elements involved in this process. What you learn in this lesson will prove valuable as you help others grow toward spiritual maturity.

In this lesson you will learn that disciple-making is the divine method for nurturing young believers, and you will discover that the divine resources include the nature of the church, the ministry gifts, and the Holy Spirit. You will also discover that there are informal and formal patterns of nurturing spiritual growth.

In this lesson you will study how people learn to discover truth and how people act on that truth in making appropriate changes in behavior.

In this lesson you will learn facts about learners that will help you to encourage their growth and development potential.

In this lesson you will study more about the informal pattern of Christian nurture. You will be taught the value of learning through interacting and identifying with others. You will also discover who are the significant models in Christian nurture.

In this lesson, you will study the teaching task, what discovery Bible study involves, how to do inductive Bible study, and how to plan meaningful leaning encounters.

This lesson is about the nurturing which takes place in the home. The purpose of nurturing is to help individuals develop into wholeness and maturity in the likeness of Christ.

In this lesson you will study the significance of sharing groups, how they minister to people’s needs, and how to organize and conduct sharing group meetings. As you relate to a sharing group, you will see that it provides opportunities for you to learn from others and to help them develop toward Christlikeness.

In the final lesson of this course, you will study an overview of the church’s nurturing ministry. As you study this lesson, you will discover how fellowship with a church can help you grow toward spiritual maturity and how it will help equip you to assist others in growing spiritually.