Sharing the Good News

You have probably already shared your testimony with others and realized the need to give the message of salvation clearly and simply. You need to have at your fingertips the Scriptures that will aid you in responding to those who seek to know more about Jesus. Authors Robert and Evelyn Bolton will help you use what you already know about salvation and the joy of serving God so that you can better share the pleasure of being a Christian.

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In this first lesson you will discover reasons why evangelizing, like harvesting a crop, is so important. You will discover why it is necessary, and why you should have a part in this work of the Lord.

In this lesson you will learn what the task of evangelizing is. It can be done by all kinds of people. Open your heart to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to challenge you to evangelize!

Teamwork is very important to sharing the Good News! In this lesson, you will learn the differences between personal and group evangelism and learn how to work together with your local church to reach people for Jesus.

This lesson will help you to understand more fully the conversion experience, and to be effective in explaining it to others.

The power of the Holy Spirit is vital to lead us in soulwinning. This lesson will help you to achieve greater effectiveness in prayer and recognize special gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to aid us in evangelizing.

God’s Word works in harmony with the Holy Spirit’s work. It can show sin, and bring about conversion. This lesson will help you use Scriptures more effectively in soulwinning.

There are many ways that you can make friends with non-Christians. There are also some common-sense rules to reaching people for Christ. This lesson will help you to develop your own approach to soulwinning.

In this lesson you will learn how to present the important steps to salvation and give your own personal testimony. We will also give you advice on overcoming difficulties.

This lesson deals with the subject of bringing people to a decision about Jesus.

This lesson will help you learn ways to care for a new convert and help them to grow. It also has suggestions on how to help a new convert evangelize others.