Preaching and Teaching

Author Ernest Pettry demonstrates how to communicate God’s message effectively through preaching and teaching. These two methods of sharing God’s Word are alike in many ways. Yet during the history of the Christian church, each method has developed some distinctive characteristics. This course points out the advantages of both methods and helps prepare the reader to use them in the best manner for evangelizing the unreached and providing for the spiritual development and maturity of those that are ministered to.

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This lesson will help you to know the kind of person the Lord wants you to be, and the kind of work he wants you to do.

In this lesson we will discuss ways to help you better read the Bible and understand it as you prepare yourself to minister to the needs of the people by preaching and teaching.

In this lesson we consider the preparation of material for preaching and teaching. We also offer some practical help in gathering and organizing material in a systematic way.

In this lesson we examine the meaning of preaching, some reasons why preaching is a means of ministry, and some Bible examples of preaching.

In this lesson we consider four major subject areas of New Testament preaching for use in the more formal, structured preaching situations. The first two, Salvation and Reconciliation, relate primarily to the unsaved, while Sanctification and Hope are primarily for the church.

You will learn how to prepare and preach sermons. You will also learn to set a goal for each sermon, to gather and arrange material based on the Scriptures, and to communicate the message effectively. Also covered in this lesson is evaluation of your sermons to see if you have met your goals.

As you go through this lesson, you will learn the meaning of teaching and the scriptural reasons for the teaching ministry.

In this lesson, we will examine means for implementing a comprehensive teaching ministry in order to achieve our scriptural goals.

This lesson will help you to evaluate your people’s needs, plan to meet these needs, and finally, prepare and teach Bible lessons.

Preaching and teaching are two means God has chosen to communicate divine truth to needy people. And while you may learn to do both with great skill and competence, you must never forget that the source of your effectiveness is God. In this lesson, we will learn the importance of balance in our ministry and rely upon God to supply it.